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Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Myth Of The Bell Curve: Look For The Hyper-Performers (3)

Read? The (In)Sanity about the Bellcurve System

Read? The Myth Of The Bell Curve: Look For The Hyper-Performers (2)

This is Hard Truth for every older worker who is under the Bell Curve system.

 Most of the older human assets will eventually lose out one day to their younger peers.

That is why! 

We MUST eventually switch over to our financial assets to continue our life journey to beat this Bell-curve system.

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Uncle8888 has also discovered one advantage of this Bell Curve system. We are likely to benefit more from this system as office Pigs when we are no longer looking forward to our year-end bonus as incentives since our passive income is far more than our bonus.



  1. CW,

    Thanks for the reminder that our time will come. My school is quite unique, as in we have 3 retired principals playing different roles, a lesser role perhaps.

    It is quite obvious 2 have problems adjusting. Important to keep reminding myself all assets are depreciating over time.

    I do not think they have problems financially to retire. But...

  2. We must prepare ourselves well for retirement or early retirement

    You can retire only when you fulfil these 4 pre-conditions:

    1. Your children are financially independent (e.g. they got jobs),

    2. You have zero liability (all your borrowings are paid up),

    3. You have enough savings to support your lifestyle for the rest of your life,

    AND most importantly,

    4. You know what you would be doing during your retirement.

    Read more? HOW TO RETIRE?

  3. Hi CW,

    How old is old? Our garment says 60 still young ... LOL...

    1. In Bell curve system, level of "oldness" is relative to your peers, currently at my office place the oldness is getting younger.

      Late 40s is considered old.

      When one younger joined, the old becomes older. This is relative. Cruel fact!


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