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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Locking Up Your Dividends In Your CPF Investment Account for 2.5% CAGR

CPF OA @ 2.5% may not look attractive enough?

Compounding interests work best over long period!

Reading and listening may  not convince you to act on it. You may need to measure it and appreciate it yourself.

Real People. Real Compounding Interests at Work!


  1. Hello qian bei,

    Wishing you a super prosperous and happy CNY!

    福如东海, 寿比南山

    Thanks for being a great sounding board and sparring partner all these years.

    You are the few who have stretched my mental capacities and I have profited immensely from it - especially when I am at the losing end of a vigorous debate ;)

    It's only when my convictions have been shaken do I go back and reinforce, repair, and rebuild my foundations.

    Looking forward to more intense exchanges when you return from your CNY break!

    Yum Sheng!

  2. Hi Uncle,

    Happy Chinese New Year.
    祝龙马精神, 身体健康

    Huat ah


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