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Friday, 27 February 2015

Benchmarking for review, revise and TRYING to improve our own performance???


Even Warren Buffet also slowing down!

Look like it is getting harder to find under valued stocks to invest?

See for yourself?


  1. These Money Masters' long run investment return is telling us what can we realistically expect from our own long run investment return.

  2. At the end of the day, must keep up or beat inflation is the main thing for me. i.e anything from 6 to 10 %

  3. Table updated.

    Warren Buffet performance dropped to 19.4% over 50 yrs (1965 to 2014)

  4. Charlie in his 2014 BH annual share holder letter:

    Why did Berkshire under Buffett do so well?

    Only four large factors occur to me:
    (1) The constructive peculiarities of Buffett,
    (2) The constructive peculiarities of the Berkshire system,
    (3) Good luck, and
    (4) The weirdly intense, contagious devotion of some shareholders and other admirers, including some in the press.


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