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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Why course in forex, trading or investing will continue to sell?

Read? Why become Master Trainer in forex, trading or investing?

When retail traders/investors found themselves losing more and more money in the market after some time will like to believe that other people who are making money may have special knowledge or skill sets learned from some School of Kung Fu (TA or FA)

Some innocent losers in the market will soon begin to notice advertisements put by some Gurus who said that can easily transfer their Kung Fu to them if they are willing to give them Ang Pow of $X,XXX to become disciples.

Then one day, some innocent losers will become curious enough to find out more and attend their free course preview; but unfortunately they are won over by these sweet talkers who put up all sorts of testimonials to show you that anyone can do it easily. Why not you? You are not stupid. Right? So you can do it too. $X,XXX is peanut as compared to what you have lost and what you will be losing if you still refuse to become disciple.

It is our human nature that when we are not doing well in something, we will want to upgrade or educate themselves to improve and hopefully to do better with the new knowledge or skills gain. But, the only problem here is which Gurus we can trust since all these Gurus don't post their transactions online e.g. one transaction at a time with enough details for us to see and track them. So with this kind of transparency, it will be very hard for Gurus to hide their performance and the truth will be revealed. Why are these Gurus not doing it? Why???

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  1. only GURU will know!!!

    But in the first place if they can make so much money, they should continue to go market and make? why bother to conduct course?

    Maybe for the benefit of mankind? and they are kind hearted to pass on their knowledge?

    however, on further thinking, if they are really that kind? why they charge school fees? should teach for free!!!

  2. These gurus make very good money leh. A few thousand per person for a 3 day course. Imagine 20 disciples signed up and its easily 50 to 60 k over 3 days, better than Ministers' pay.

    They not only sweet talk. THey prey on your fear of losing out and greed. If you think paying $3000 for the course is expensive, try ignorance. Sounds so cheem, like you will be knowledgeable after attending the course.

    Emperor's new clothes look nice but Uncle 8888 has already mentioned, has anyone seen the materials?

  3. Well to be fair to them, we should still pay them for their time and administrative expense (like booking a lecture theatre and food).

    But I am sure such teachings is not worth thousands of dollars if they are really teaching for the benefit of people

  4. I will be very supportive if Gurus are conducting these courses on cost plus basis instead of capitalizing on people hard earned money to become rich themselves by selling to innocent masses.

  5. Yes i believe some of these gurus do in fact have above average skills in trading however to charge $XXXXX amounts to impart their skills is absurd.... again in a free market everything is worth what others are willing to pay for. If there are fools out there willing to pay thousands with the hope of extraordinary trading success, well so be it.... some people prefer to learn the hard way.


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