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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Find Your Own Psychology Of Investing

Find your own psychology of investing that matches your own  emotions and account size; then you will be more likely to be successful investor over long term and on your own term.

Uncle8888 has been waiting till his neck is so long to find the next batch of pillow stocks to increase his lifelong dividend income.



  1. Are there more than 2 types of investing psychology as there are many types of people?

  2. Replies
    1. During wealth accumulation phase and not realising seriously enough that income depend on portfolio size

    2. Of course almost "everything" depends on portfolio size.

      Remember I have shared I have started investing as DINK, NO debt at the age of 40, Lock, Stock & Barrel into the stock market.

      Really all inclusive of our CPFIS funds not to mention about cash.

      Now, don't have to but still can have the portfolio size easily of when I was 40.


  3. If i had started at the age of 20+, where got the money?

    But i think most important where got the experience of schooling myself in financial matters and observations of what happenings in the market for so many "extra" years. Even though practice may be different from theory.

    If i had started at 20+, the first or second cycle of BB market might have "killed" me for good.

    Because then, i might invested with different ideology or on unsound investing principles.

    Or even on investing style not suitable to my temperament.

    So it's true, the earlier U found the investment psychology suitable to your temperament the better will be your result at the end of the day.

    NVM, how others make a lot of money from the stock markets.

    They are not U. U are not they. That's me u know.




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