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Monday, 21 May 2018

On Blog Leave 24 May to 2 Jun 2018

3 nights each in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

Since this is one way trip flying into Tokyo and bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, and then train from Kyoto to Osaka and flying back home from Osaka. 7 days JR Rail pass of JPY 29,110 doesn't seen cheaper?

Someone previously on this one way trip and using 7 days JR Rail pass?


  1. I think Klook got 7 days JR Pass @ SGD344 (JPY28,500) ... plus some freebies like SIM card etc.

    JR Rail Pass for convenience & speed ... as it covers the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka, as well as the Haruka express line to Kansai airport.

    What I did long time ago, since I knew I won't be train hopping all over the place ... is to buy individual tickets over there.

    More troublesome but cheaper if just a couple of cities. Most of the time I spent within the city using their 24hr pass for subways, local buses etc.

    For 1-way reserved seat from Tokyo to Kyoto on shinkansen JR Hikari is about JPY13,500.

    From Kyoto to Osaka without the JR Pass, cheaper to take the slower non-shinkansen trains: JPY400-JPY560.

    Also, without JR Pass, you need to buy ticket separately for Haruka express to airport: about JPY2,400.

    So getting individual tickets is like: 13,500 + 560 + 2,400 = about JPY16,500.

    Err, but maybe just get the JR Pass from Klook lah ... convenience in foreign land is priceless ... especially if got wifey accompanying! LOL!!

    1. Not doing railway stations hopping like Sunday morning Japanese TV show for filling items for their Guide book. JR pass is bo hua! :-)

  2. Hi bro cw

    Wow! Another honeymoon trip with Mrs CW, wish u & Mrs cw have a happy & safe trip :)



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