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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Book : Hmm .. A surprising find. Like that also can???

Uncle8888 was reading this investment book written by our local authors and then ...

"Proven" quality for promotion to investment coaches/trainers by just one stock pick and people are willing to pay $X,XXX to be trained by them.

Like that also can?

It is really buyers beware of clever marketing!


  1. CW,

    A bit like multi-level marketing right?

    The tell is when the focus is "recruiting" new members, separate the shepherd potentials from the sheep, and encourage/promote these shepherd potentials to start their own cell groups, Wash & rinse.. Repeat the process and soon we will have several layers of "master recruiters".

    This spiritual concept of cell groups is a very powerful formula - applied very successfully in politics.

    Property and insurance agency bosses are very familiar with this concept of leveraging on Other People;s Time (OPT) too ;)

  2. CW,

    You are right. The book first few pages advertised their company program.

    These 2 young authors had seen left the company and set up their own. Now they compete with their old company. LOL.

  3. CW,

    It goes to show that the "master" is also "work-in-progress" when it comes to entrepreneurship (ok good in sales does not mean good in legal stuffs)... We all learn through our mistakes.

    Next time I bet he will remember to include a "Non-compete clause" to the contracts to those "coaches" he promotes!

    Make money is one thing. In the industry, we do CARE how you treat your ex-mentors and employers.

    I never hire those people who bad-mouth their previous employers; imagine how they will do the same to me next time they leave my department?

    What comes around goes around.


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