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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Is life sometime cruel to the innocent (naive, kiasi) when come to investment?

Just For Thinking ...

Read? Same story line and yet people believe them???

Is life sometime cruel to some innocent (naive, kiasi???) when come to investing?

Read? CAD on trail of Edgeworth Properties?

Local stocks in SGX is NOT that dangerous. It can offer reasonable returns over long-term for diversified portfolio through 3M's - Method, Mind and Money. It is also NOT that difficult to learn 3M's investing knowledge.

Do help your friends and relatives who are newbies or oldies but still innocent (naive, kiasi???) to point them to sources of free learning.

Free sources of learning may not be that difficult to find as some of source owners are willing to share their experience at no costs. It is what I called true giving back to the society or community.

For starters, read Uncle8888's articles on your right. To share some of my thoughts, learning and experience ...


  1. Genneva Gold gets endorsement from former prime minister of Malaysia and this resulted more people jump into Get Rich Quick Game.

    On hingsight, don't trust anybody on your hard earn money.

    ...What truly sold her on the Genneva idea was the public endorsement campaigns headlined by dignitaries like Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Donald Lim and former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who had encouraged Malaysians to buy gold instead of putting their faith in paper money during his speech at the syariah-compliant company’s launch on December 15.

    1. Wah lau. Tua kee liao!

      It is best that we invest in investment assets class that are transacted in open market platform where public information on these transactions are easily available and we go in with our eyes open.

      Lose money. Can't blame govt. Only blame ourselves.

      My losses on CAO taught me something. CEO went to jail. So waht? But my money still gone forever. It doesn't compensate me anything.

  2. Yes!
    Nobody is responsible for you in anything but yourself. Like i always believe you can listen to everyone but believe in yourself.
    Why? Because, "Nobody is responsible for you in anything but yourself."
    Once you have this mindset, you will be very careful with your money or investments.
    It is always mental first before action. So don't blame anyone.


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