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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What you may not know???

Borrow the idea from La Papillion
** "BIAS" is a special feature in my blog where I get to say whatever I want with scant regards for your feelings. I'm not politically correct in this feature, so go ahead, judge me."

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Few year ago, I too have the similar experience with our local millionaire trader and author. I was then pissed off and lost my respect for this guy and stop visiting his blog too.

Few of my colleagues and myself paid $50 for his Candlesticks Technical Analysis Workshop and instead of spending the whole night do candlesticks analysis. He did something unexpectedly. We received more than just candlesticks analysis throughout the night.

In between every few slides he would put a few more slides to try to sell his more expensive Trading course at $X,XXX and wasted much of my precious time and made me damn pissed off.

He claimed to make millions from trading and even wrote a book to teach people how to make millions from trading and yet he was so hard up in trying to make a few thousand buck here and there by pushing his expensive Trading course during a totally unrelated event as we didn't come for a preview on his Trading course. We went to the Workshop to study more on Candlesticks technical analysis and not to waste our time listening to those rubbish Get Rich course.

Can you believe it or not? Someone who claim he made millions and yet so hard up in making thousands. I was dumb for words for these so-called Millionaire bums!

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  1. Anyone can claim he is a millionaire. Anyone can claim he can make a lot of money doing some form of investment. Anyone can claim he is from gifted education program when he is a tutor. There is no regulation for certain things, even in Singapore. So just remember, if someone already a multi-millionarire by trading or other means, why would he want to teach you? More likely teaching a group of 30-50 at 2-3k, so already make 60k to 150k for a 2-3 day course. Better than being a minister leh.

  2. I was a trading course junkie before. I stopped when things got suspicious. I have a full time job and I find it hard finding the energy and time to trade. I asked myself how come these trainers can do it? They are flying around and offering other types of support to their students besides giving the training itself.

    But then and again, the trainers will come up with different "evidence" to show that they are real. Like this case, it's a REAL trading account, but who knows the small prints...haha.

    1. Some result might be real; but ...

      Whatever Secret!

      Whatever Moment of Truth!

      ALL happened over a certain period of time in the PAST.


      The market is a complex system. It is always self-learning. It is always putting its past behind it.

      That is why the market invented so many Technical Indicators over the years.

    2. ya man! i can vouch for this. ever attended a course - wah, trainer pull back the charts to the left hand side and "trade" by revealing candlesticks one by one. total showman. buy here, sell here, buy there, sell there. all works! 90% winners. later we traded as a group using the exact strategy on the exact instrument, monitor the market throughout the day, lose under pants drop. haha...


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