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Monday, 9 August 2010

Could you live with just 100 things?

Purchase Power: Will It Make You Happy?

'100 Thing Challenge' advocates liberation from the consumer lifestyle. It might even save you some money.

The 100 Thing Challenge is about breaking free from the spurious message of American-style consumerism that has turned many of us into habitual shoppers. It is about the humble admission that we cannot buy perfection no matter how many times we visit the mall, because we humans cannot be perfect. The 100 Thing Challenge is about removing our facade of consumer stuff to reveal our real selves. And it is about the finding joy.

  • Two of the things I have got rid off - watch and alarm clock. I don't need them anymore instead I use my mobile phone to tell time and set alarm to wake up.
  • I rarely carry a pen unless I go overseas and need the pen to fill up form. Most of the time if I need to jot down some notes I use my mobile phone's notepad.
  • I can't even recall when did I last bought a book to read. Nowadays I borrow them at the library.
  • I don't even have driving licence.
  • I don't smoke.
  • I rarely eat sweets.
  • I don't wear any accessories such as gold chain. I only wear wedding ring (sufferRing LOL)
  • I don't use hair-cream to keep my hair nice and steady. Anyway, my hair still look neater than Albert Einstein's hair.
  • I don't use Men's Cologne as I don't need to attract mei mei.


  1. Hi Createwealth8888

    It's true, having fewer items in life makes one's life simpler and easier to manage. It also brings more peace of mind as we worry less about the "stuff" in our lives!

  2. Hi Createwealth8888

    I agree with on most points except one. Books must be sold before authors get paid. Unpaid authors soon give up writing. Buying new books keep authors working, I had the same idea as you but reading an article on the decline of western(cowboy) fiction taught me that if readers don't support the authors, the will soon give up and do something else.

  3. Hi,

    For hot fiction book e.g. Harry Potter, I bought them as kids won't wait to read and they wanted to read now.

    Law of Jungle - only the fittest survive for a long time.

  4. Hi,
    The library is also for all those who can't qualify for higher education but still trying to be an "expert" in something that fancy him or her.
    That's for one of his or her life's SOUL PURPOSE.
    活 到 老 学 到 老

    Ah yes.
    Simple Life.
    Simple Folk.


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