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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Meeting Your FRS at 55. Hard hurdle???

Not sure why there is so much concern over meeting FRS at 55???


Some financial bloggers trying to scare others to follow them?

Auntie8888 is an ITC and started working as technician; and few years later she took up 5 year part-time Diploma and then promoted (or apply) to technical officer sometime later when there was vacancy for that post.

She resigned at 34 and became full-time unpaid maid with no Sunday off days (a job description from herself)

No more CPF contributions for the next 21 years and she still managed to meet FRS at 55


  1. Nice! You should post more stories like these to paint a realistic picture! May I ask, how much did she have in her accounts when she "retired" at 34?


  2. Not sure how much CPF at 34.

    As of today, CPF OA is $12.3K and SA is $6.6K

  3. Hi CW, have you considered topping up your wife's RA ? Or at least get the children who are already working to help top up her RA? They will also get to enjoy tax rebates!

    Just a suggestion for your consideration. :-)

    1. Actually, children can top up her RA with the monthly allowance but she likes to print out POSB book. Saw the numbers rising. Happy liao. No outgoing. Only incoming. Win liao

  4. CW,

    Trust but Verify time.

    1) Did you, your wife, or children make any voluntary CPF contributions to your wife's CPF account AFTER her "retirement" at age 34?

    2) Did your wife invested with CPFIS or used her CPF to buy and sell property? If yes, were the realised investment gains part of her current RA $164K?

    3) If no to the above 2 questions, can we safely say AFTER age 34, any further contributions into her CPF ONLY came from big daddy's giveaways?

    I know where you coming from.

    But there will be readers who are thinking about what I've asked but "too polite" or "too embarrassed" to ask you... (Thank you Kevin for starting the ball rolling!)

    You know what the sad thing is?

    Want to bet there will be bei kambing readers who will take what you say at face value without questioning, when you have left so many questions on the table unanswered...

    How's that any different from listening to those other financial bloggers???

    Better don't tell me you've "unintentionally" forgot to say part of your wife's RA include the investment gains from that time you "jio" her to buy Keppel and DBS together with you...

    I'll kick you all the way to Holland!


    1. HAHA readers where got so polite nowadays. Confirm first to pounce on you if there is a tiny (typo) mistake or even a hint of questionable things being said LOL. I feel that what people want to see is the relevant context/profile so that they can relate to their own situation ;)

    2. Or!!!!

      You say one hor!

      You die!


      Come to think of it, I'm so lucky the commenters at my watering hole are kind, gentle, people; with some flowers in their hair :)

      While I'm a prick at other people's blogs...

      I shame!

    3. Haha! I'm not influencer mah and I don't show face! People don't like to attack such intangible targets.

      The funny thing is, if people are offended by what you write, that meant that you actually hit them where it hurts >.< crouching tigers and hidden dragons, they know how to take a swipe at people and endure a few hits too. That's how people level up! Must be thankful for the wisdom of others who help to look out for our blind spots.

    4. Very good qns asked by Singapore Man of Leisure. Waiting for Uncle CW8888 reply :)

  5. Hmmm, I worked backwards (although very very agar agar as I used current interests & allocation rates) and it's possible...

    Provided don't take out for property. I'm also assuming no CPFIS.

    I won't reveal my estimate of Auntie8888's salary, but just say that it's probably quite typical of manufacturing / electronics industry in the 1980s. ;)

    The "don't take out for property" will kill any discussion in today's context though LOL.

    1. Spur,

      You're the numerate one ;)

      Can do CSI count backwards without asking CW for further verifications!

      You win liao!

      If you say you do fundamental quantitative analysis, I believe you!!!


      I rely on reading people which is more my forte. Qualitative analysis?

      From our kopi and mutual poking sessions, I can fill in the blanks what CW has left unsaid.

      We are after all, opposite sides of the same coin ;)

      Just playing the devil's advocate...

      Hee, hee.

  6. Ha! Ha!

    From what U said, it seems your wife not interested in the stock market or investing.
    In fact in one of your articles i remembered U said U have to invest secretly in the stock market in the beginning.

    i am a little bit fortunate, i invest from the start with my wife's knowledge but in the beginning i am not sure she approves until i have some success. The rest is history they said.

    i think maybe it is better in a way only one partner is interested in investing, right or wrong analysis about the stock to invest.
    Save a lot of headache arguing about investing. Which may be confusing in the end.
    Worse still may sour the husband/wife relationship.



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