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Saturday, 11 July 2020

GE 2020 Over. Time For STI Moves Up???

PAP is in charge! 

DOW up!

STI cheong to 2,700?


  1. Sad to say I've been selling 1%-2% of my US tech each week for the past few weeks. While Nasdaq has just kept on going up & kicking sand in my face. LOL.

    What to do? As stock farmer I have to respect my harvesting rules when fruits are over ripe!

    Probably stocks can still go up over the next few weeks till the next Fed meeting end of July. But a bit concern over the divergence of US banks...

    But for those not touching the money for 5 or more years, no worries ... just invest! LOL.

    1. Tech bubble blowing up by Robinhood and burst by robbing Retails to pay The Rich and The Big. Remembering those days of Dot-com Bubble. Dot-com not Tech?

  2. Tech is in a mini-bubble, but not as bad as LOL. It's looking for a -10% correction though...

    Apart from the relatively small numbers of newbie millennials doing dumb things like buying bankrupt stocks or buying/selling options on thousands or hundred of thousands of underlying shares .... the majority of retail are pretty scared:

    Rush to money market funds double that of GFC.

    Retail bulls just coming up from historical low levels.

    Retail bears just coming down from historical high levels.

    As mentioned a few months back, when >15% of S&P above 200DMA, usually is end of bear.

    S&P500 just had it's golden cross.

    All the above is good for longer term trends.

    In the short term e.g. 1 day to 3 months, don't be surprised to have corrections.

    Waiting for bigger pullbacks to add back in. :P

  3. Wait until September is over if there is a new USA HONCHO, Market direction may then change.

    Who can say heading N. or S.

    It just another reason, happening or the Market can not just change Suka, Suka.

    But then who say can not "SUKA, SUKA"?

    Not me O. K.


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