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Saturday, 4 July 2020

10M Population in Singapore???

Do a mass polling among Sigaporeans.

Of course. The answer is NO!


90% of Singaporeans are working class!

You ask businessmen, landlords, business owners, entrepreneurs and investors. Answer is YES!!!



  1. Follow da money ūü§£

    Actually one way to maintain prices of aging hdb. Opportunity for boomers to squeeze money by selling old flats to 5M new PRs lol.

  2. Merderka generation vote YES to 10M. LOL!

  3. Then like Trump only cares about himself lol.

    Though he already so old waiting to meet his maker soon.
    Don't understand why he still worries so much of this side of the World when he is so near to the other side of the World (The Cantonese way of saying it, that U better worry about the other end of your life more then this end of your life). As the other end is so much more nearer then this end.

    i always wonder no one can choose how and where he is born, so is no one can choose how or where he is going to die.

    The best is to die in your sleep.

    It doesn't matter where U going to die.

    My youngest aunt and eldest brother died in their sleep.


  4. Seriously, what is the optimum population size for Singapore to survive and even prosper?

    Or we like to be one of the Himalayan country?

    But even we want to we cannot because...?


    The above shows that even the foreign workers in Singapore are so fortunate.

    Are Singaporeans better than them?

    1. Singaporeans can choose to UnSingaporean themselves to be better than foreign workers.

  6. CW,

    Landlords include humble HDB owners who are hoping to rent out their 1-2 spare rooms for passive income to supplement their retirement or FIRE goals, or to offload their bigger 4-5 room flats for solid, solid capital gains in the resale market and transit (downgrade sounds so sad) to smaller 2-3 room flats as their alternative source of retirement income OUTSIDE of CPF.

    OK, now to poke ourselves.

    You think why most outside our FIRE or financial literacy community don't have a high opinion of us?

    Its always about money, money, money. We'll probably sell our grandma if we could make a buck out of her!!!

    Where's our idealism?

    Where's our souls? (Some may oredi have sold to the devil looking at the ways they are fleecing their flock...)

    OK, I better stop and hide under my maggi mee pot now!

    Don't hit the face!


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