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Monday, 12 November 2018

He Doesn't Want To Retire

Real Person. Real ex-colleague!

He was on his annual leave; but he still went back to office to "tidy" up his desk except that he was wearing casually since he was officially on annual leave and not working.

He loves his job so much???

You can guess why he doesn't want to retire!


  1. You think it is easy to laze around for months to be bum. Not everyone can do it!

  2. How do you pass your time?

    By doing some sort of physical or mental activities. For how long, can you stare into the space and not getting crazy or bored?

    For some people the physical or mental activities will be their current job as they can't figure what else can keep them occupied.

    Financial independence is just one part of the equation; the other part is for FI seekers to seriously think about it.

  3. To tell the truth i have been a "bum" since 53(so 17 yearshave passed).

    And i still a bum leh!?

  4. Your colleague still needs the job perhaps.

    1. Some will need their current job to pass time as they may have not or don't bother what else or how can they pass time if given more free time.

      Some on longer annual leaves will start to feel bored

  5. The best thing happens to a bum is he can never retire until his last day on Earth.

    CW is right it is never easy to be a bum.

    Not everyone can do that because of ???

    The main reason is i think can U accept yourself to bum around regardless of what people think?



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