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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Advising Or Teaching Financial or Investing Is A Different Animal Who Doesn't Putting Bulk Of Their Net Worth Into It

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More than a decade ago; this direct question has been asked ...

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Do you have more than 70% of your skin in it or just token sum to show show?


  1. People will be surprised at how much safe govt bonds & US Treasuries formed the bulk of most billionaire investors' portfolios ;)

    Even Buffett personal holdings ... I won't be surprised if 50% were in Treasuries, municipal bonds etc. I read like during the dotcom boom, he was practically sitting in 90% bonds & cash.

    People always confuse his *professional* portfolio in Berkshire Hathaway with his *personal* one. :)

    1. Ownself money and other People money are not the same.

  2. I learnt early in my life that a teacher and a master are two different roles. He who teaches, may not be a master of the subject.

    1. Absolutely right. Nowadays that why we have Masterclass training. They also know the difference :-)

  3. There are many teachers but who is the master?

    The one who can make theory and practice into one?

    Must he able to teach also?

    1. Hmm.. Teachers are usually employees and Masters are self employed?

  4. He can desmonstrate the practicals but can one really duplicate exactly?


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