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Monday, 20 November 2017

Singaporeans Have To Educate Themselves On Investment Scams???

Education is NOT the key to avoid investment scams. Folks need to stop becoming Yield Pig GREEDY!

Any investment scams are likely to start with above 1X% yield AND some dividends MONEY BACK to your pocket first in the first few months to bait YOU to do referrals to your family members, relative and close friends. 

Got good lobangs must share with our loved ones and friends. 



  1. CW,

    And these folks don't watch the news or newspapers...

    What? You mean there's a thing called ponzi scheme?

    Eh? Got MAS investor alert watchlist?

  2. When confidence tricksters or scammers like the famous Bernie Madoff target U, do U think U have a chance of not being con?

    i personally had come across a "Super Sale-man"(not our Snake-oil sale-man lah) who almost talked me to do his bidding.

    Buy what he wanted me to buy instead what i wanted to buy in the first place.

    Then of course they are people who are born just like that - please don't call them "the Gullible". They are just like that.

    i personally know a at least 2 of them as they are my relatives.

    i always have a soft-spot for such people.

    And without investing for many years in the stock market, how can we know what's the normal CAGR?

    When CW put out his famous CAGR chart of well known Gurus and GIC & "TooMuchSick, how can we know it's the truth if we have not been in the market?

    Having in the stock market we can differentiate what is "normal" and what is "not normal" ROI when some one tries to sell Us an investment.

    If someone now offer U guarantee an investment of ROI 6-10 % P/A, what will U do?

    1. temperament,

      Bernie Madoff this kind I'll tip my hat off to him.

      He even fooled the regulator, savvy millionaires, sophisticated investors, fund of funds pros, etc.


      Bernie never promised 20% returns a year. He just "returned" a respectable 10% consistent return year after year. Which is not that much different from the 8% so called "long term" return that quite a few bloggers have parroted.

      Hey! Even CW's returns is not that far off from Bernie Madoff's! LOL!

      This kind I have nothing to say if scammed. The scammer too high level :(

      But c'mon! Most of the scams in Singapore aren't even "sophisticated"...

      If you want to be "politically correct", you can call them "intellectually challenged", "children of the soil", "God's special people" or whatever sounds nicer.

      Whenever I'm fooled (and I had been at work and in the markets), I'll readily admit I'm idiot, stupid, dumb, naive, gullible, air-head, low IQ, slow, dim-witted, and so on. On myself, I rather not sugar-coat it. Why be condescending and patronise myself?

      I rather practice: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!

      I see gullible customers every weekend. These are the customers who approach promoters and ask which brand is the most popular or what brands to recommend to them?

      Its like flashing a big neon sign above their heads: "I'm a bei kambing".

      "Scams" need not be about investments.

      We can see it in everyday life.

      False prophets, politicians who promise free this free that (lucky majority of Singaporeans reject these snake oils; we vote for big daddy that raises taxes and tariffs), "friends" who borrow money but never repay, and best example of all:

      financial freedom seekers who pay hundreds to thousands in course fees for information they can easily get from XXX for dummies books.

      And the most GULLIBLE of them all - those who really believed EVERYONE and ANYONE can be successful in investing!?

      No, I have no time to be a bleeding heart. I'm busy making sure I'm not on someone else's menu!

  3. The concept behind the equation is - Greed. Everyone wants more. No wrong. But whether you got the big head for the big cap :p

  4. One rule I keep in mind that saved me from investment scams. Invest only in regulated products. Unfortunately, this rule also kept me out of bitcoin. Nevertheless, like CW said, don't be greedy. If the price of being safe from scams is to occasionally miss out monstrous trades like bitcoin, so be it.


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