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Friday, 17 November 2017

Buy And Hold For Legacy? You Can!

temperament1 7 November 2017 at 00:14:00 GMT+8

B & H at my age may be hoh.

Don't forget i may want to leave behind a legacy.

Or God willing, i may have another 15 to 20 yeras of good health.



Yes with Joint CDP and bank account!

You can buy and hold for legacy until it is broken by future generation!


  1. U are absolutely correct.

    Right now in my family, we have 4 CDP accounts for 3 only.

    That's my wife & me have a joint CDP account.

    We intend to open another joint CDP account of my wife and my only son.

    But take note CDP joint account has it's restrictions-NO IPO, CPF, ??

    That's why still needs Individual Account.

    1. No IPO is not big deal for old bird (assuming sizable account size and position sizing)

    2. For me, it always will be a big deal because my wife's CPFIS is still intact.

      i will help her to apply for some "Good IPOs" from time to time besides myself & son(All in cash and in her CPFIS when allowed)

      Some old birds may laugh at me since IPOs most often then not stand for "It's Probably Overpriced". (HA! Ha!).

      And also if it's HOT, U most probably may not get any since it will be heavily ballotted.

      So why bother?

      HA! HA!

      In facts, i only making some money from IPOs this years and nothing else except my US stocks portfolio on DRIPs.


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