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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Five-digit dividend a month for investor

Just For Thinking ...

invest, thesundaytimes Nov 3, 2013

When we come across such headline: Five-digit dividend a month for investor or $120K per year; they are very inspiring stories.

... "On average, my investments get me a 10% return per year."

Then we may realise it required at least $1M invested capital in the stock market to get that five-digit dividend a month.

$1M may come from combination from high saving rate from high earned income and/or past compounded investment return from portfolio.

However, not forgetting the hard truth in Singapore ....

Among resident employed households, the median monthly income rose from S$7,040 in 2011 to S$7,570 last year, registering a 7.5% increase in nominal terms, or 2.7% in real terms (i.e. after accounting for inflation).

Read? Gross Monthly Income From Work in Singapore. Get your expectation right.

Not high income earner. How?

No chance?

Not really.

Still got hope?

Yes, but it will require 10,000 hours of investing efforts.


  1. Nowadays, it is very difficult to become rich through investing in Singapore. Furthermore, you probably cannot even afford to retire with one million in Singapore. Agreed that we need to pump on lots of hours doing homework before investing.

    SG Wealth Builder

  2. That's a really good point you made! I read the same post and thought of the same thing. 10% is $10k a month, principle is >$1mil. That's some way to go for many young people to do that!

    Pok Chow

  3. Investing in the stock market should be taken as a lifelong journey. If you happen to be rich overnight, then one of the overnights you may have to start from zero or the worst case from below scratch.
    This makes me think of "Jesse Livermore"
    Do you know anyone like Jeese Livermore but succeeded. Those rare talents.


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