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Monday, 18 November 2013

Book: The Psychology of Speculation: The Human Element in Stock Market Transaction

Good to know yourself before you get too involved in day trading and thinking you can win lots of money in the stock market after attending some "Guru" guided courses.

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Notwithstanding the many excellent books have been written on the subject, the real secret of stock market success still remains (and probably always will remain) locked up in the bosoms of a few who are too busy to write, and too rich to feel the need of writing.



  1. Hi uncle , thanks , I borrow this book from NLB ,, is really amazing book and even written in 1926 ,, the idea is still relevant,,, also fonund the phrase of " margin of safety " been use in page 45 of this book ,, I guess Ben Graham must hv read this book before he invented this phrase in his book subsequently ,,,quote "An enormous percentage of stock market speculators become victims of overconfident after a series of successful trades. Their buoyant spirits increase with every new success,until at length they throw discretion to the winds , extend their risk far beyond the margin of safety and at the infallible turn of the market ,,they find themselves in difficulty, like foolish fishes that get stranded on the beach at high tide " unquote ,,,this is a mush read book for all investors,,

    1. Wow!

      This book will be hot now. Must Read!

      You may need to place reservation to borrow. LOL!


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