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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Path To Financial Freedom? - Part 2

The path to Financial Freedom is easier and simpler if you choose to stay single. You only need to take care of your own personal future needs. But, if you choose to get married; welcome to the World of Dependencies.

You will need to provide adequately for your dependents. The path to Financial Freedom  is going to be very challenging; and be mentally prepared for any unexpected surprises that will put your plan into jeopardy. Did you see that there are more than one investing goal?

How will you choose your path to build up your wealth in the journey towards Financial Freedom? Where does your money come from?

You either work very hard to climb the corporate ladder.

In addition, you may invest in your own businesses or other people's businesses (stock market) to build up more wealth.

I have elected to invest in stocks and be an active stock investor who will spend time and effort to get it done.

I don't speculate in non-asset financial instruments like futures, options, forex etc because I am not a good speculator and I hate stop losses so speculation is out for me.

I also don't invest in overseas stocks for two reasons:

  • Currency risks is a double edged sword - I like to fight the market with one-edge knife so that I know where is the sharp blade is.

  • Monitoring one local market is really taking up lots of time and effort. Singapore market is a lot slower than oversea market. I don't mind the slowness as I am a fisherman.

Does it really matter where you earn that $ from?

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