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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Being Frugal??? (2)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Read? Being Frugal???

5 years later ..... COVID-19 has "punished" Uncle8888 and showed him the way that small money can be saved by switching from drinking kopi-o kosong at his HDB's kopitiam to Nescafe Kopi-O Singapore Kopi at home.

Another saving in May is on $64 senior monthly concession pass. Probably, he just spend a few dollars on bus fares going to buy hawker food from Kovan and Ci Yuan.

CB Phase 1 on 2 Jun 2020; he is going back on his $64 monthly pass for June to roam again. LOL!

How to be minimalist?

Lessons learnt!

Stay at home and stay healthy!

Truly tested way to FIRE!


  1. Been wfh for 2 months drinking 2 in 1 kopi at home. Most meals are cooked at home. Celebrated 3 children birthdays at home, we would otherwise go to restaurants. But utilities have increased too.

    1. Govt hear us and giving discount of $100 on utilities. LOL!

  2. Uncle8888 you also living in hougang areas? i am too.

  3. One day, when we was touring Taiwan, the lady tour guide advised us not to drink 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 beverages - especially tea or coffee 3 in 1.
    Add your own milk or sugar is safer.

    Anyway, we very seldom eat preserved or pre-prepared food canned or no can.
    Too many unknown preservatives and ingredients in the food(some may be cancer agents if taken too much).

    But we have been eating Hawkers's food over 95% of the time.

    How? - Still avoid can-food lol.

    "We Are What We Eat" is 101% true - i believe.


    Sometimes, eating Hawker's Food is so much cheaper- like we can have 4 or 5 cooked dishes - Cost about $11.

    Don't believe me - must know where to buy lol.

    As we roam as many Hawker's centre as possible.

    Hougang Kovan - any nice food there (CW8888)?

    1. Join the Q - Mee pok/Laksa like outside HG Mall kopitiam stall and hot porridge. Can also try mini assorted Teochew kueys (two stalls - the middle stall is more mini so can eat more types at one go with more chilli and black sweet sauce)

    2. From ex houganger

      Hougang central blk 805, ah beng 5 star western.

  4. Thank U.

    Will try one day. but now only ta pow - is a problem.

    Certain food not suitable for ta pow.

    1. Yeap! Wife has just grumbled over ta pow food. It is not same as eating at the same restaurant at Nex. LOL!

    2. Mother's Day dinner not same! Sigh!

  5. So, we try once after buying we ate in our car.

    Problem afterwards, car aircon smelled fishy.

  6. Ya not the same.

    So tried once eatting meepok in the car.

    Problem was after that car aircon smelled ­čÉč.

  7. Nescafe Kopi-O - processed food. Also not healthy le! LOL.
    I cooked most of mine with no salt, no sugar and no chilli. Cough Cough..


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