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Friday, 13 December 2013

How to invest in Blue Chips and make money?

How to invest in Blue Chips and make money?

It is not that difficult!

Many old uncles and aunties have done it.

This coming Chinese New Year, you can check with your old uncles and aunties. Some of them may be holding multi-bagger blue chips like SIA, DBS, OCBC, UOB, JCC


  1. Generally investing in Blue Chip is less risky than other equities.

    However, not many people able to reap the gain as they are not able to hold for long period or they are buying when the price is high.

    Some bluechip has became Black-chip when their business deterioted. Example like Chartered Semicon, Creative Tech, NOL

    So, it is not bao-jiak 包吃.

  2. Ya lol!
    There are Blue Chips and Blue Chips.

    1. I think you mean "There are Blue Chips and Black Chips."

  3. No!
    i mean some Blue Chips can even become penny stalk or disappear from the market. So choose carefully even they are now Blue Chips.

    1. Does anyone know somebody sitting on net losses (realized + unrealized+dividends) over his holding of blue chips and black chips over the last 10 -20 yrs?

      The reason of large losses??? Average down heavily on one blue chip?

      Losing on a few blue chips doesn't mean anything.

      Similarly, I have lost heavily on two S-chips down to ZERO and that doesn't prove that I shouldn't be investing in stocks.

      Losses are part of Game!

      Even with Blue chips, we have to accept the fact that the losses will happen one day. We will get hit.

      We must manage that risk and not to be hit until drop dead!


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