As from April 2013 my Journey in Investing is to create Retirement Income for Life till 80 years old for two over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Create Wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading. Is this possible for an average retail investors who are holding full-time day job???

Uncle8888 started this serious thinking of "Create Wealth Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading" from our local stock market (SGX) since Jan 2000 and started this blog and named it that way too.

Real People.

Real Goals.

Real Actions.

The Dream of getting Rich from investing and trading. How possible?

How different from the daily paper advertisements of selling you a Dream of getting Rich easily from investing and trading?

The Verdict after 14 years ...

Earned Income vs. Stock Wealth

Comparing YTD (6 Dec 13 market closing price) Net Profit from Portfolio of Stocks to accumulated Net Employment Income after Income Tax (Note that salary for year end Dec 2013 and income tax for 2013 are estimated)

The Real Result after 14 years of serious works in the stock market .......

The daily volatile Wealth (Portfolio's net profit) from the stock market as on 6 Dec 13 is about 49% of the solid in the pocket Wealth from total Earned Income from full-time employment from Jan 2000 to Dec 2013.


For the younger ones who may be thinking just like Uncle8888 in Jan 2000 may like to think over it.

The Path to Greater Wealth:

Do you want to climb Corporate Ladder or Investment Ladder or both???
Read? Climbing your investing or corporate ladder?

Worth the time, energy and effort?


What do you think?


  1. Without using leverage, how many of us believe that our part-time job in investing or trading will pay as well as our full-time job in climbing corporate ladder?

  2. i believe.
    In fact for me it's many times more.

    But how many will succeed i dare not guess.
    It definitely needs more than IQ, EQ.
    It also needs Lady Luck or God's Blessings.
    Which i have stressed again and again.
    In other words, if you succeed please don't think it's all due to you only.
    Be humble to Lady Lucky or to God's Blessing besides your diligence (aka you must have in the first place)


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