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Saturday, 16 January 2021

That was in Jul 2007. Bull market! (Good time to refresh!)

 Read? That was in Jul 2007. Bull market!

That was something Uncle8888 didn't get it in 2007 and then the punishment in 2008 came from his foolishness and greediness in 2007!

Now, he has been seeing more and more retails shouting out their big winning investment portfolio! 

Hmm .. middle of Bull or near end of Bull in 2021/2022?


  1. Thanks CW for this reminder. However, this advise by Peter Lim to cash out in a bull run will be hard for me to execute as I have not traded before. As in past bull and bear cycles, I will grit my teeth and ride the next cycle out.

    One thing I have been doing though is to squirrel dividends into my CPF savings. Now at slightly over $3M in CPF combined with the wife's portion, I think we do have decent buffer for next bear.

    For property, think the pre-emptive measures (cooling measures) taken by the government have largely removed the speculative froth from the market and this has greatly stabilised the market. This has resulted in the housing price stability even in the depth of the pandemic. Even then, I must admit I was surprised at the housing price creep in this climate.

    I think for me, nearing retirement, having steady cashflow is my top concern. As Peter Lim pointed out, market cycles will come and go, but our life clock is ticking away. So having been building my passive cashflow sources over the last 10 years, it was a no brainer that dividends and rental incomes are at the mercy of the economy and Mr Market. The CPF source remains that one constant, that one stable source. So we have building it up such that if all else fails, we could depend on it for our retirement sustenance.

    Our passive casflow in last two years:

    Dividend : $78.8K
    Rental : $36.6K
    Interests from OA & SA (11 months) : $48.9K
    Total : $164.3K

    Dividend : $64K
    Rental : $31.35K
    Interests from OA & SA (11 months) : $51.8K
    Total : $147.15K

    Projection for 2021

    Dividend : $64K
    Rental : $35K
    Interest from OA&SA (11 months) : $55K
    Total : $154K

    Cashflow projection (62 (2023) to 69 (2030))
    Dividend : $64K
    Rental : $35K
    Interests from OA & SA (11 months) : $55K
    SRS drawdown : $43.5K
    Total : $197.5K per year over the 8 years (2023 to 2030)

    Cashflow projection from 70 (2031) onwards
    Dividend : $64K
    Rental : $35K
    Interests from OA & SA (11 months) : $55K
    CPF Life payout : $56K
    Total : $210K per year.

    Projections are just projections. Looks good on paper but at the end of the day, we only have confidence in the CPF sources - as of now.

  2. Am 66 this year and will probably call it a day this year or early next.

    Am a buy & hold dividend investor for 3 over decades. Sell only when the fundamentals of the companies or the business landscape change for the worse ( SPH when decline in print advertising was clearly unstoppable, Singtel/Starhub when a new player was added & business of TELCOs in the US started to be
    impacted by non-traditional TELCO players,Keppel Corp when oil price crushed & long term perspective is gloomy due to shale gas etc). Didn't cash out during all the previous market crashes.

    Being a conservative, create a portfolio with multiple income sources for retirement.

    (a) 25% - RSS. Have topped up (both wife & self) every year to the pravailing max for the year, top up to Enhanced when it was introduced in 2016. Intend to start withdrawing on my 67 birthday.

    (b) 25% - half from leveraged (85%) annuity & and half from leveraged (30%) portfolio of unit trusts (Investment grade, High Yield, EM, dividend distributing equity). In contrast to dividends from equity, income from the unit trust portfolio only drops slightly in 2020.

    (c) 50% - Dividend from equity (20% 3 local banks+HLF, 40% reits, 10% business trust/utilities (Australia), 20% big caps, 5% small cap, 5% HKEX)

    Excluded from consideration
    (d) rental incomes from 2 overseas property investment - variable, both in terms of occupancy & forex
    (e) interests from OA & SA - intend to accumulate & compound, unless in dire need

    Opportunistics incomes when they present themselves
    (f) forex trading
    (g) corporate bonds on 100% leverage (much depend on tips from RM, to spot market mis-matches and good IPO, e.g, July 2019 Thomson Medical 3-year bond with 4.8% coupon)

    1. Nice sharing on your retirement income for life and assets allocation

    2. i know someone who only buy and hardly ever sell in the market.


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