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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Financially Me, It is about Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing (2)

Read? Financially Me, It is about Earning, Spending, Saving and Investing

The investment portfolio performance outcome after 21 years of long-term investing and short-term trading across market cycles from Jan 2000 to Sep 2020.


He didn't make $1M from the stock market! Sianz!


Blame himself for NOT taking up investment courses and be guided by "Gurus" to become Millionaire from stock market and FIRE???


  1. Keep on trying, fishing but be very 4ks of losing the bait.

    Is it possible for fishes to take the bait yet not hooked?

    Have to be quite 4Ks as bait is not easily replenishable as no more HC, now.

    Dare not cross a river with average depth of 4 ft as b4.

  2. Sometime, I seriously think that there are too many investment bloggers over exaggerating the importance of investing over earning and saving power. No?

    Investing is Game of Capital! Your account size really matters!

  3. Of course Investing is Game Of capital, definitely.

    i always dream of if i only buy during market corrections or better still market crashes.

    And no sell until market at it's newest peak.

    i can always do that taking out the "Time Factor if whatever money i put into the markets are all extra cash.

    If only i have too much cash not in properties, bonds then must be stocks.

    i never favour Bonds - it just me.

  4. Ok, time to have new blog "FIRE with high salary!". LOL!

    Law & medical faculties will hold seminars showing graphs of their graduates' earning power ... Lecturers will be holding loudspeakers & saying "You wanna FIRE??? Join us!!!" :P

    "Career gurus" will sell courses on how to "get fast promotions & huge increments". LOL!

  5. Being a saver is a virtue. But to go further in life, has to learn and do some investment lor.
    But not many has the skills and emotional control to do it well.

    Assuming we got 40 years of working life, we might gets to experience 4 crisis at an interval of 10 years. If play a waiting game, would be like save up for 10 years, invest during crisis, sell during peak. If the earning/saving power is good, capital and growth is sufficient, it may just be possible to achieve some form of financial security by the 2nd or 3rd crisis.

    1. U are right man.

      Of course also must have a little bit of Lady Luck.

      And if U are a beliver, God's Blessings.

      Don't ever think if U buy an Index fund, it should be guarantee O. K. in the long run.

      What happens if U choose the Nikkei Index Fund?

      Maybe still O. K. but not so good ROI?

    2. The only thing now we have (phenonmenon?) FED. RES. can QE without limit so Markets are proped up artificially.

      It means have to wait until almost "Hyper-inflatio" rear it's head then may FED. RES. will surrender then.

      Does it means Market crashes are rarer and shorter?

      U bet.

      Is it now better to be a short-term trader than a long-term trader?

    3. This one depends on individual's risk level liao. Some people really cannot sleep well when gets involved high risk investments, lol.

      But hor...purely relying on savings is tough to go far in life in this age of inflation. There are many investment machines cater for people of different risk level. Fixed Deposits or some saving retirement plans or even the DBS multipler, whether enough or not it is pretty much subjective liao but i think its still much better than letting the soldiers rot inside the bank earning that.....sad interests.

  6. Trump tested covid 19 positive.

    Start quarantine and treatment.

    Market affected.

    `Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.'

    i believe it is true in the end or at the end of the day.

    It may seemed otherwise until it catches up with what U have sowed.

    So is investing in the market or anything/action we have taken.


  7. And no guarantee the doctor can heal U.


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