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Monday, 1 April 2019

Something Behind Our Luck Factor And Chance In Randomness Environment Where We Have No Control (2)

Read? Something Behind Our Luck Factor And Chance In Randomness Environment Where We Have No Control

What is that something behind our luck factor and chance in the world of randomness where we have no control over the events happening?

Need statistician to comment?

We often hear and say it ourselves. 

Oh you are lucky!

Yeah I am lucky!

So what is behind this Luck factor?

Hmm ... after last two years of roaming across the island of Singapore and becoming top public transport user identified by LTA. He now thinks that is the Law of Large Number behind our luck factor!

This may be applicable to long-term investing too.

Law of Large Number for multi-baggers?

From 1 Jan to 31 Mar 2019; the number of coins pick up across large geographical areas is 38 over last quarter.

5 cents is 5% yield on $1 capital injection into the stock market. LOL!


  1. LLN also means one needs to have long holding power to achieve the expected results of a complex system. ;)

    For a short term participation, the results can be either very good or very bad.

    For investing, means we need to have 3Ms to ensure we can last long enough to reap the rewards. :)

  2. i only know even WB, H. Mark, .... Believe Luck or (Blessings if U are a believer) play a part in their lives.

  3. Is the "Law of Large Number" always applicable? (look at China how they advance compare to Little Red Dot?)

    Is it the same as the "The Law of Tikam, Tikam without limit?

    Even then is it subjected to the normal bell curve distribution?

    And what China can do where Singapore also tried to do but failed with MNCs?

    If only LITTLE RED DOT has the same advantage of China - "The Law Of Large Number".

    Now who don't want to allow Tikam , Tikam without limit?

    So in investment in the market the 3 equivalents are 1)Longevity, Deep pocket and Luck(or Blessings if believer) in order U can "Tikam, Tikam" without "limit".


    i think so more or less i have been "Tikam, Tikam for +30 years already.

    Only now tikam less because of de-acumulation phase or the world has changed?

    i think both applicable but U can never say u are sure.



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