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Saturday, 30 May 2020

SGX : How Come I Couldn't Make More Money From Trading???

Lack of TA skills or lack of luck?


  1. That's why it's called investing or speculating ... if we expect 100% no nominal losses the second we buy, people will call it savings liao LOL!

    Unless we are top SGX mgmt, this non-renewal of MSCI licencing is a black swan, since derivatives is the bright spot in SGX trading revenues for many years already. Only those on the negotiating team will know that SGX is walking away from MSCI's asking price.

    Probably SGX feels that the volume of bank-counterparty derivatives like DLCs & CFDs can offset having to pay a likely very expensive renewal of MSCI licenses. And these types of derivatives can be easily & cheaply created ... and more suited to local gamblers which make up the bulk of SGX customers LOL!

    Expect more ABC and XYZ derivative contracts for trading in the next couple of years. A S'pore Pools-style of business model is good business! Kekeke!!

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  2. No minimum commission and we can trade like betting 4D on daily basis. Tio or bo tio. :-)

  3. That's why it is not for us low to average IQ. to know so much.

    But low to average IQ, i know more or less when to buy SGX and sell SGX - "Agar, Agar Only".

    U ?

    i don't know leh!?


  4. "MY motto don't have to make money at the top. Don't have to lose money trying to be what i am not"

  5. How about this about WB. now.

    Do U think U know more than WB now?

    1. We become older and our balls shrink faster?

    2. Ha! Ha!

      "Ai Piah Chia Ai Yia"

      Lock stock and barrel?

      Don't have to now.

      But if opportunity appears, may press the the button for nuclear bombs.

  6. And that’s the first key reason why Buffet is not buying any stocks. Because he can’t find anything attractive to buy, at the current stock prices.

    Are there any on SGX?

  7. Not only banks.

    To me somethings more solid though our banks are suppose to be very well capitalized unlike in the West or America.

    Nevertheless, anything can happen to the Singapore banks unlike USA, because they have the FED. RES. as INSURANCE.

    It is better in the long run to invest in companies that really produce somethings that people will always need.

    Covid Virus or Another TRUMP for America doesn't matters.

    That's my take- - A typical Singaporean's 4 Ks - Kiasi, Kiaboh, Kiasoo, KiaChenhu.
    Any more Ks U can think of?

    If not how can a below average to average IQ to survive in the Stock Market for 33 years?



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