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Saturday, 15 February 2020

This time is different! SARS vs Coronavirus. Why so panic when Singapore raised its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange on Friday? (2)

Read? This time is different! SARS vs Coronavirus. Why so panic when Singapore raised its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange on Friday?

Not sure how many of us also received this forwarded Whatapps message?

Who is that bloody idiot started this chain of Whatapps messaging?


  1. CW,

    The better question is who were the idiots who forwarded these whatsapp messages after receiving them?

    That's why I had to "poke" one of our own when he shared a link from a "reputable" ang moh media outlet saying COVID-19 can be spread through the air...

    My intention was not to ridicule or slam him as I did not provide a direct link to his blog or took a screen shot. Its more to let him or the webmaster of the aggregator blog know they may want to think twice or verify their sources...

    Glad the misleading blog post was taken down. No harm, no foul.

    Lucky financial blogs have relatively low readership ;)

    Those 17 years or younger got excuse. Its their first time. However, I find it odd those of us who have experienced SARs can still panic?

    Which probably explains why some investors who have gone through 1997, 2000, 2003, and still make the same mistakes during 2008/09?

    1. LOL! No time for trust and verify. Why we don't see long queue like Mustafa Centre at Unity store? Fake!

      My friend queued at Mustafa Centre for more than 3 hrs to get one box of 50 pcs.

    2. Uncle8888,

      Less stress & about the same level of effectiveness if your friend just tie big handkerchief around nose & mouth. Carry 1 or 2 extra in case gets wet or soiled. Some more can wash & reuse. Less stress, more green! 😄

      Plus less spread of potential pathogens .... many simply anyhow dispose of their used masks.

    3. CW,

      Masks are great if we not feeling well and don't want to spread to others. Socially responsible mah.

      But wearing masks as a false sense of securing is like investing into big daddy linked stocks and thinking what can go wrong?

      Just ask buy-and-forget investors who bought near the top in NOL, Chartered Semicon, SPH, Starhub, SMRT, etc.

    4. Buy and forget during market crashes less painful to more doses of Panadols. Buy near market top then Panadols not strong enough to ease heartache.

  2. SMOL,

    2003 no dorscon mah. Now people thought code orange was imminent invasion & open mobilisation stage liao :P

    Actually past few days quite peaceful to jalan & makan at shopping malls. Except Fri night ... surprised to learn many restaurants still packed with dating couples.

    From the charts, hopefully now we're into the peaking phase of infections even with the new accounting method in Hubei. Peak deaths will naturally follow rate of infections.

    Closing futures seem to indicate down openings for most of Asia tomorrow. More pain before any recovery. Good to monitor & prepare your buy watchlist.

    As for US stocks, another round of small harvesting into rising markets. Have already taken 20% of my US holdings into cash equivalents. Another couple of weeks like that & I'll stop my weekly harvesting and just put a trailing stop on the rest of my US etfs.

    Oh & prepare for extra angpaos on Budget day Tuesday! 😛

    1. I have seen many masks dropped on the floor as unintentional litters. Masks may be contaminated so they also scare pick up that litters and carry conamination around to the nearest bin???


    2. Spur,

      I know I'm the cheerleader for Crash Got Sound (antidote for those who get paralysed by information overload), but even I would want to distance myself from those lemmings...

      Others jump off the bridge I definitely won't follow!

      US markets really interesting!

      Its like they got Teflon. No bad news will stick for more than 1-2 days? Just buy the freaking dip!

      I'm amazed they still can hit all time highs!?

      Yup, I've made some kopi money this past week.

      Didn't want to talk too much least peole say I very crass... Got all my priorities wrong...

      I should be queuing for toilet papers instead of queuing for good entry positions in the markets!


    3. SMOL,

      "US markets really interesting!
      Its like they got Teflon. No bad news will stick for more than 1-2 days? Just buy the freaking dip!
      I'm amazed they still can hit all time highs!?"

      I've got a theory that it's due to demographics. The timing now is similar to the 1980s when more & more of the baby boomers got into their higher earning years in their 30s. Now is the millennials turn. In the US, the millennial cohort are about as large or slightly larger than the boomer cohort.

      Simplistic reason why boomer & millennial generations so large: coz they were born during good times --- immediate post-WW2 boom & the roaring 1990s. Gen X & the upcoming Gen Z are smaller.

      Oh there'll be a significant crash sooner or later (remember 1987?). But this demographics wave will support a longish tail wind behind assets.

    4. Spur,

      Yup, hence I don't mind Singapore 10 million since I'll be around 80 or 90 plus then ;)

      Its less worrying to have a big bulge AFTER us to help contribute taxes and CPF; better this than the other way round!

  3. LOL!

    i bought NOL since 1987 but still made money leh. So it was with SMRT & SPH & Singpost & Sia Eng, & Sat. In fact, believe it or not NOL UTD made me the most money.

    But only i had B&H Keppel Corp, Semb. Corp, DBS LAND, SGX, etc... since 1987 would i be better off then my B&H&S, rinse & repeat method? Make no mistakes, i did make money from them too.

    But i always wonder if i only B&H will i be better off?

    i really don't know because i don't have the ability like CW to keep precise records.

    Not complaining, i still doing quite alright.


    1. NOL under Goh chok Tong was doing well!

    2. Once your investment starting bearing fruits and you have harvested enough; you won't be losing money even u B&H until stock becomes blue black. Never mind! Buffet's Rule 1 & 2. Never lose money!

      Just lose bragging right!


  4. My US portfolio i just collect panadols(dividends)lol.

    This time is cold hard cash- not on DRIP anymore.

    Can B/S anytime as i am with TD Ameritrade SG now.

    But actually i have yet to initialise my 1st trade.

    Most probably only use the panadols collected.

    Another words i want to do DIY "DRIP".

    This way i think i will get better result(hopefully).


    1. You sure you are collecting Panadols and NOT eggs?

    2. LOL!

      Have to beware and becareful if panadols, all the same effect.

      Not if collecting eggs?

      Not all eggs the same one.


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