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Saturday, 25 January 2020

How To Become CPF Millionaire? Two Approaches Path A or B?

Somehow we seldom hear Singapore investment bloggers and investment writers talking or writing on Path B approach to become CPF Millionaire. 

Hmm ..  may be it is true that long-term investing sounds simple on theory; but NEVER EASY to execute as it will require all our 3M to be strongly aligned!

3M in investing : Method, Mind, and Money Management

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SINGAPORE: Workers in Singapore received a bump of 2.2 per cent in their income in 2019, according to the Labour Force in Singapore Advance Release report released on Thursday (Nov 28).

The nominal median income of Singapore residents on full-time employment increased this year to S$4,563 from the S$4,437 recorded in 2018, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) report said.

From above median income number; it looks like many Singapore residents on full-time employment may not have large CPFIS as war chest.

Monthly CPF OA contribution @ median income of S$4,563 * 23% = $1,049

Monthly CPFIS growth @ 35% of CPF OA =  $367

Annual CPFIS growth and assuming 2 months of bonus = $5,142

How to become CPF millionaire through Path B?

Any secrets?


  1. CW,

    That's because most people (I assume) would prefer to have that million OUTSIDE of CPF ;)

    Having said that, must compliment you - you would be the intended poster boy for when CPFIS was introduced - GROW (Earn More) our CPF savings ;)

    Unfortuately, we know how that went...

    You are the minority CPFIS success story :(

    Then again, if anyone and everyone can have a million in CPF by age 60, how to flex?

    Big daddy has capitulated. Now the pendulum has swung to the Save More camp.

    They'll do the "investing" on behalf of CPF savers instead ;)

    "Daddy, I don't trust myself, you do it for me? Don't worry, I follow you forever and ever!"

    1. If low interest environment remains low for another decade, We will love CPF even more.

  2. i think a lot of people forget the time when CPF OA interest rate of 2.5 % and the banks FD rate was 4 to 6 % that was when a lot of COW Fathers and Cow Mothers about our CPF returns was too low.

    That was how the G had to come out with "something" to pacify the people.

    That's how the CPFIS has been born.

    Remember anything under CPFIS is considered out of CPF's jurisdiction.

    Which is common sense to me.

    Now Bank FD's rate is 1.8 to 2.0 to maybe trending to zero, of course Path A can work for some people.

    i think can use Path A "partially" and then Path B lol.

    Have been doing that.

    1. Another long forgotten investment scheme for Singapore citizens was to sell Singtel shares at great discounted rate. Government soon learnt that was damn bad idea as wealth building

    2. Government learnt cannot control the market. Cheap can become cheaper

    3. CW,

      Lucky they stopped.

      Imagine if they went on to sell discounted SPH and SMRT shares?

      Near monopolies with strong big daddy connections, what can go wrong?

  3. Ha! Ha!

    Not even the "great CON-Artist" of USA D. TRUMP can.

    But can kachiok, kachiok for a day or 2.

    But hoh, why the market has been bullish until now for 11 years already?

    Due to QE or what?

  4. Or else we will see at Hong Lim park shouting Return My Investment. LOL!


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