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Friday, 12 July 2019

On Blog Leave From 15 to 18 Jul 2019

Monday, 17 April 2017

Read? Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man! (3)

Gone fishing for three days and nights!

Hope to catch big yellow tails!

War chest for fishing!

Bye Bye Before Retirement??? (2)

Read? Bye Bye Before Retirement???

Life can be unexpectedly shorter while we plan decades ahead for our retirement; so we must remember to spend some of our money for the present too. Money not spend by us is not ours but belongs to others.

Just heard one ex-colleague at age of 39 who is single had stroke last night and in ICU on life support. His family decided to let him go tomorrow.

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Thursday, 11 July 2019

Investment Portfolio Management : Know enough, Know your yield, Know your risk

Read? Not Just Financial Independence. Build Sustainable Retirement Income For Life!!! (3)

Assuming 2.5% annual inflation rate from 2020 to 2032.

Uncle8888 has more than 12 years or up to 2032 at age of 75 over the next market crash to deploy significantly his war chest to achieve his net worth asset allocation through this strategy of know enough, know your yield, know your risk.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Temasek posts 1.49% one-year return; divestments outpace investments

TEMASEK Holdings on Tuesday reported a one-year total shareholder return (TSR) of 1.49 per cent for the 12 months ended March 31, 2019, reflecting market volatility as it warned of lower returns expectations for the longer term amid weak global growth.

This compared with the 12.2 per cent TSR posted in the year-ago period, with TSR a compounded and annualised measure that includes dividends paid to its shareholder but that excludes its shareholder's capital injections. Compounded over 45 years since its inception in 1974, annualised returns stood at 15 per cent.

The Singapore investment firm's net portfolio value grew to S$313 billion, up from S$308 billion a year ago on a Sing-dollar conversion basis, it said in its annual report released on Tuesday.

During the year under review, Temasek shifted into divestment mode, divesting S$28 billion in assets, and investing about S$24 billion in the same period. Temasek had guided a year ago that given the market outlook, it may recalibrate and slow its investment pace over the next nine to 18 months.

Temasek received dividend income of S$9 billion from its portfolio.

20 Years CAGR TSR

CW8888 : 6.3%

Temasek : 7%

Monday, 8 July 2019

Life funds post poor 2018 returns but smoothing mechanism keeps bonus rates intact

So you can outsource your investment to professional and then okay to pay them professional fees for poor outcome?

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Your Wealth Mostly From Human Asset Or Financial Assets?

Uncle8888 admitted he is lousy wealth builder on financial assets even close to 20 years of investing in the stock market!

This picture proved it as data doesn't lie! 

Green label : Wealth from his human asset

Brown label: Wealth from financial assets

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Walk and Walk

Read? When You Have Nothing To Do???

National steps challenge season 4 is over but still tracking the steps count.

Crossed 2,000 KM in 6 months

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

GIC’s real returns hold steady at 3.4%, maintains cautious investment stance amid uncertainties

GIC boosts cash, bond holdings in defensive stance amid trade war

Read? GIC’s real returns hold steady at 3.4%, maintains cautious investment stance amid uncertainties

In US dollar nominal terms, GIC’s portfolio returns were 5.5 per cent per annum over the last 20 years, slightly above the 5.2 per cent annualised return from its reference portfolio. The latter, made up of 65 per cent global equities and 35 per cent global bonds, refers to the risk that GIC can take to generate good long-term investment returns.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

When You Have Nothing To Do???

Do this!

Walking your path, your way!

Absolutely free and easy!

Some prefer to join walking group or form walking buddies.

Uncle8888's ex boss who has retired last year also found his walking buddy to walk on every Tuesday morning.

Read? Walk the talk : NParks 36km Coast-to-Coast trail (1)

Not Just Financial Independence. Build Sustainable Retirement Income For Life!!! (3)

Read? Not Just Financial Independence. Build Sustainable Retirement Income For Life!!! (2)

2.5 years have passed without earned income from full-time employment; and the cash flow is still healthy without any asset draw-down to supplement household expenses!

So there is no urgency to deploy war chest for more investment income to fund household expenses!

Know enough, Know your yield, Know your risk (Ha ha Know Your Yield , Know Your Risk)

Walk the talk : NParks 36km Coast-to-Coast trail (1)

Read? Walking the NParks 36km Coast-to-Coast trail: Worth the effort?

Read? Nothing to do. Go for walk lor!

Hmm.. after walking for a while; it looks familiar. Basically; the trail connects selected paths of Park connectors. Last time; he was jogging these paths; but this time he is walking. :-)

$5 Beef noodle lunch at Beauty World

Still constructing new path along the route for this walking trail.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Counting The Cost Of University Education at SUTD (12)

Read? Counting The Cost Of University Education at SUTD (11)

Few more months to burn cash instead of generating dividend income!

It looks like total spending will be below the original budget of $100K

Friday, 28 June 2019

H1 2019 : No Money Down 6.7% Yield From Stock Portfolio

No Money Down!

6.7% yield YTD!

Own money just rotting and earning low interests!

Pre and Post Retirement From Your Full Time Employment

Read? 1 in 2 Singapore residents feels stressed out by the thought of doing nothing: Survey

This is how Uncle8888 sees it after retiring from his full-time job since 30 Sep 2016.

This is somehow like ...

Pre-retirement from full-time employment ..

He is spending his time, energy, and effort to empty his glass every workdays and the next workday it get almost full again and repeat all over again.


Still half empty nearing the end of workday is damn stressful! 


Looking forward to financial independence and then can choose to retire!

Post-retirement from full-time employment ..

Each passing day; he is just trying to fill up his glass to half-full and there is no reason to fully fill up the glass. Stressful??? Of course not if you can fill up half full! Good enough!

Thursday, 27 June 2019

GST Vouchers Coming Soon

Hmm .. total of $600 is good for 10 months worth of unlimited monthly travel on public transport in Singapore and up to JB Central and Larkin terminal. 

Happy traveler across the island of Singapore for 10 months! 

Buy and Hold – Hardest Strategy Ever???

Read? Buy and Hold – Hardest Strategy Ever

Read? When a Giant Gain Causes Pain (4)

Let Uncle8888 add on ...

He has been through buy and hold era  before and has done BOTH!

Most retail buy and hold "forever" due to either sunk cost or freehold and then they became either immune or insensitive. They either consume dividends as Panadols or Golden Eggs or already wrote off long ago.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

SGX (3)

Read? SGX (2)

Right to follow Left before going to test the Peak???

Monday, 24 June 2019

No Astrea Bonds For Me. Why?

Uncle8888 doesn't need for more fixed income coming from bonds as interests from his CPF is already like bonds. 

If CPF gone, Temasek and GIC should have gone well ahead of CPF.

He still haven't give up the idea of finding the next batch of Geese that lay golden eggs in the next STI market crash. But, the wait is far too long. Sianz!

After Point X, when they become freehold Geese laying golden eggs. Shiok through the spine!

Average annual yield on investment cost

Kep Corp: 37% over 18 years

Semcorp Ind : 27% over 17 years

DBS : 11% over 16 years

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