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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Top Senior Citizen Using Public Transport On PAssion Silver Concession Card (2)

One Indian ex-colleague asked what is the news about Uncle8888 when one of them posted in the chat group.

Uncle888 tried his hand at translating this news. Pardon from any errors in translation. :-)

Bought monthly pass.  Within two months completed walking around the coast of the island

Uncle cleverly used public transport concession to walk around the coast of the island and only spent $120

Active uncle cleverly used public transport concession and less than two months only spent $120 to complete walking around the coast of the island!

Once he read about the news that in Taiwan one retiree cycled around the coast of Taiwan. Freelance delivery agent, Jacob Ng (62) got that inspiration, two years ago at his 60th birthday, he started to use senior citizen concession card and bought $60 monthly pass, the next day started  (planned) "round the coast tour".

Jacob said : "I often go for overseas tour; but never really tour much in Singapore; might as well make use of this opportunity (in retirement) to do round the coast of island walking trail.

His first stop was at Punggol by following the walking path along the coast of Punggol. When it was getting too dark or it was going to rain; he would stop his walking trail and took MRT and bus back home. The next day; he would resume his walking trail from the last stop point.

By MRT, bus and walk; Jacob spent about two months to complete round the coast of island walking trail. But, because he couldn't really "rest" his feet; he continued to jog the Park Connectors after that.

Last January; he took up freelance delivery job. He took MRT and bus to deliver documents.

He worked about 6 hours daily, one day taking about 15 trips of MRT and bus; because of purchasing monthly pass he has unlimited travel on public transport.

With PAssion Silver concession card; he also shopped at Cold Storage to accumulate points.

Jacob said : " I feel that this card is very good to use and the monthly pass gave him the push (incentive or NO transport cost restriction) to move around and by moving around a lots is also a form of walking exercise.

Due to heavy usage of PAssion Silver concession pass; this morning he received Goodie Bag at Tampines North CC PA event from Guest of Honour, MP Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary Ministry of Transport, Culture, Community and Youth.

Another recipient, Chua (65, retiree) also received the Goodie Bag. He said : " I everyday took about 6 MRT and bus trips to walk around and to meet friends. Because I bought the monthy pass; I saved some money on transport. cost As retiree; can save, better save!


  1. Hmm ... You are identified by what you are doing/working or you are retirees, housewives, stay-at-home-mum etc. You need to add title to your name. You can't be identified just by your name with a full-stop. Lol!

  2. "Once he read about the news that in Taiwan one retiree cycled around the coast of Taiwan"

    1. One of those inspiring stories of what we can do when we have plenty of free time to spend while we are still alive.


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