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Monday, 5 November 2018

Top Senior Citizen Using Public Transport On PAssion Silver Concession Card

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Read? Unlimited Tavel on MRT & Buses in Singapore and SBS 170 to JB as senior citizen!

Read? Walk One Round The Coastal Singapore And Jog All PCNs of Singapore

Two years later; Uncle8888 totally unexpectedly was recognized by LTA for becoming the top senior citizen using public transport on PAssion Silver concession via $60 unlimited monthly pass. 

Yesterday he received Goodie bag as appreciation for using public trasnport from MP Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport.


  1. Thank you LTA for nice appreciation. Three items in the goodie bag are useful items to explore more areas in Singapore. Well thought by the event organizers.

  2. LTA saw your round the island post ah?

    Very good CW888.

    1. Not sure about it. I was informed by LTA event organiser that I will be interviewed by a reporter.

  3. CW,


    OK, 9 more years to go for my own senior citizen concession card!

  4. Am i entitle when i scrap my car in 2021 or earlier?

    Or am i entitle now?

    1. Based on age 60 and above. Nothing to do with car ownership. Surprisingly there are quite a number of seniors still did not apply for the card.

      Take a photo of yourself using your mobile phone and apply online. Absolutely free.

    2. Thanks.

      i have not applied for the card because i think i use SMRT and bus transport less than $60 per month.

    3. It is not about absolute transport cost. It is about getting concessions as seniors when they travel on public transport.

    4. Less than $60 transport cost per month then don't buy monthly pass

    5. The psychology is when it is unlimited, our traveling behaviour may change. Want to go just go lor. I even use MRT station to sit there for Aircon and WiFi.

  5. Shhh...

    This is really a privilege from the state.

  6. Yes i agree a good way to travel unlimited as a form of to keep fit phyiscally and mentally.

    i am looking forward to scrap my car.

  7. Hmm ... zaobao and wanbao. Knowing their readers. Can see the difference. :-)


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