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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Temasek's first public bond offer more than 8 times subscribed

Read? Temasek's first public bond offer more than 8 times subscribed

SINGAPORE: Temasek Holdings' first public bond offer for retail investors was more than eight times subscribed, said the Singapore state investment firm on Tuesday (Oct 23) after the close of the offer. 

Valid applications of around S$1.68 billion were received for S$200 million worth of bonds offered to the public, said Temasek.

CW : Hmm ... lots of cash not going to the stock market to invest?

So many retail investors/savers prefer Return of Capital than Return on Capital.


  1. STI below 3,000 liao. Get ready to roll out red carpet for Mr. Bear. Akan Datang!

  2. Still nimble slowly.

    Catching a falling knife is no fun and can be deadly.

    Actually if U do catch a falling knife all the way to the bottom and still have reserved $$$ congratulations.

    U have passed psychology of investment.

    Not recommended by i think all financial pros.

    Anyway where is the "Black Swan"?

    It has not appeared in the lake of investments
    So far have not come across one who favours catching falling knife.

    Must be MAD!?

    Try it at your own accord and risks, hoh!

  3. Indeed! 8 Times?

    i am really surprised by over-subscribing by 8 times.

    Good for us i think.


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