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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Keppel's Multi-baggers stock M1


45. M1 is not a new business for Keppel. Keppel was one of the founding shareholders in 1994, before its telephone service was launched in 1997, and the IPO in 2002. We have worked with and supported M1 for over 20 years, and it has yielded very good

46. Keppel has invested S$170 million over the years, and in return received S$737 million of dividends and proceeds from the sale of some shares. In addition, Keppel’s present 19.33% stake, held through Keppel T&T, had a market value of S$291 million as at 21 September 2018, before we announced our offer.

47. In short, M1 has been a good investment for Keppel. We believe that with the necessary transformation, it can continue to be a valuable asset for the Group. But we have no illusion that the transformation journey will be quick or easy. It will take at least a few years. In the meantime, subject to the approval of IMDA, we are offering a compelling premium to minority shareholders of M1, who are not prepared to wait and bear the related risks, to realise their investment in M1 upfront. 


  1. Retail investing is different from Institutional investing is different from running a Business. ;)

    Keppel is coming from institutional investor & Businessman point of view.

    As retail investor with personal money on the line, would it have been better to take out money from M1 when price broke down badly in 2015? ;)

    If business fundamentals are good, it will be reflected in the stock price .... price will find a base & start to recover & trend up. Can always go back in when that happens.

    1. Institutions can hold stocks for decades without any emotions as corporations are not human beings

    2. CW and Spur,

      Losses can be written off as "asset impairments" to offset tax obligations.

      And if dead fish came back alive, add it to "one time extraordinary gains" to mask operational losses.

      Moral of story - always hire a good CFO!

    3. Hmm .. so better to invest in index funds than DIY stock picks. Hire good fund mgr!

    4. To do tax loss harvesting in S'pore, the stocks need to be transacted in a manner that forms part of the business or working capital asset e.g. fund mgmt firm trading for its own revenue. Maybe Keppel T&T or Keppel Capital / Keppel Urban Solutions?

      Otherwise it is just a normal financial investment & cannot claim for losses. This is becoz S'pore doesn't have capital gains tax.

      And need to be realized losses --- paper losses cannot claim. :)

  2. Institutions may not be human beings?

    Think again?

    Why Leman brothers , Enron, World Com etc.... kaput?

    1. Of course most probably not even if CEOs or owners of companies are declared bankrupt.

      They are bankrupted in names only aka legally.

      A good example is TRUMP.

      How many times has he declared his companies go bankrupt and now still a billionaire?

      May be that's one way to get rich?

      The moral is any institutions, banks, corporations even "too-much-sick" can declare bankrupt but not U or me hoh!



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