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Friday, 26 October 2018

Is STI going to Rebound or Entering Bear Market???

Rebound or Bear akan datang?

What did you see on the chart?


  1. Dow dives nearly 300 points, S&P 500 dips into correction levels in another wild day on Wall Street

    Stocks fell sharply on Friday as investors slogged through another volatile session on Wall Street.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 296.24 points lower at 24,688.31 after dropping 539 points at its lows of the day. The Nasdaq Composite dropped 2.1 percent to 7,167.21. At its lows, the tech-heavy Nasdaq had fallen more than 3 percent.

    The S&P 500 fell 1.7 percent to 2,658.69 and briefly entered into correction territory, trading more than 10 percent below its record high reached in September. The average stock market correction, since WWII, results in a 13 percent drop and lasts for four months if it does not turn into a full-fledged bear market.

  2. me think the DOW will continue heading South of the border near Mexico town.

    US politics is in a mess now, under Trump!!!

    Have U read about or more than ten 10 home-made pipe bombs were sent to very high positions Democrats and many more bombs to CNN?

    Politics of a country always can determine the economic climates of that country.

    With Trump trade wars with China and other country, it will affect the World's economy.

    Trade war by Trump against China is getting more and more "serious".

    The trade wars is to show to his base supporters, MAGA.


  3. According to News readers, US politics has not seen terrorism since Abraham Lincoln's time.

    US is definitely in turmoil and upheaval now.

    So will the DOW follows?

    Your bet is as good as mine.

    i never believe in forecasters, they are as good as the fortune tellers.

    i only believe when U see the sparrows, winter is over.

  4. Ha! Ha!

    SMOL must be very busy now aka trading.

  5. Next year he lost. This year he is going to win big in this type of market. Fighting with both arms in either direction

    1. We also lost ma!

      Lost to inflation though capital is intact.

    2. CW,

      I thought you cursing me...

      Finish this year first, then worry about next year.

      Traders stay in the present; investors live in the future ;)

      I can trade BOTH directions, but I suffer from a directional bias. That's why lost money last year :(

      I not so pro as to go long and short in the SAME trade - go long, take profit, and go short for the ride down and vice versa.

      At the moment, I am more comfortable taking profits, wait for the price to retrace, then go in for wash, rinse, and repeat trade again.

      But working on this mental limitation of mine.

      And yes, Feb and Oct has been kind to me ;)

  6. Yes ambidextrous cowboy(aka SMOL) has the advantage over dextral cowboy.

    But don't go and forced yourself to be ambidextrous if U are dextral or sinistral

    Here's why:-


    1. temperament,

      Again its what other people has said...

      I guess its too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

      During my corporate days in leadership workshop facilitating, I always "force" the potentials to use "I" instead of hiding behind "they", "we", them"...

      If we can't take responsibility for what we think, say, or feel, can forget about being a "shepherd".

    2. i think U have serious J's eyes about some people.

      It's O. K.

      Don't forget blogging here is to learn from what others have to say.

      Especially U have a lot to say(talk male chicken of all chickens).

      What U think or anyone think, doesn't affects me a hoot if i don't allow it.

      If not how to survive in this world especially in the investment world.

      And generally a big fish eats small fish and Dog eats dog world!?

      The corporate world is like this since day one, which suit U to a T.

      Never mind, people like us will still find a way to survive.

      Beware of how U look at people like us.

      We may look U maybe the "same as U look at us"


    3. And yes, wait till U can live to my age and still trading!?

      And talk, talk, talk male chicken at the same time.

      i will be long gone then, most probably.

      But U just remember what i say if U can live to my age and more.

      Oops, U never listen to anyone one except the !?



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