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Monday, 13 November 2017

Buy And Hold Or Buy, Sell, Hold?

Singapore Man of Leisure13 November 2017 at 08:55:00 GMT+8



I don't care about labels. Don't sell how to take profits?

Although I am teasing and debating with you - we both are closer to the same definition - we both see and acknowledge the "S" ;)

CW sides with you in "words"; but his multiple rounds in "actions" speak louder! LOL!

We both know WHY CW will NEVER sell his multi-baggers out COMPLETELY like the US librarian above even if STI zooms up to 10,000. It has nothing to do with fundamentals or technicals. Or lack of guts or conviction.

Shhh... Don't say it out loud ;)

Young people too respectful and courteous to you and CW. So I play the "rude" idiot role here to have a bit of fun playing out the Socratic method.

Maybe some bei kambings reading our debates can benefit and figure out for themselves what does Buy-and-Hold really means - especially the "Hold" part :)

We make a good 相声 pair!


Buy And Hold 


Buy, Sell, and Hold?

Is Uncle8888 doing B&H or what?

Merlion style retail investor?

Having both Realized and Unrealized paper profits & losses and including accumulated dividends as investment gains.

or like Temperament said Rojak investor!

Does Labelling guide or help us in our investing journey and avoid getting into confusion or dilemma over market cycles on what to do next ?

See the below diagram closely and what did you really see?

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