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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Read this in cyber world .... Walau!

Let’s stop complaining that the cost of living in Singapore is too high when we are (ironically) spending a good chunk of money each year taking quarterly holiday trips overseas.


Augustine of Hippo


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Augustine of Hippo

Read ?  人生太短,不要明白太晚!

Life is too short, don't understand too late!
Put the money to save, waiting for the post-retirement go to enjoy. Results after retirement age, because of the big, bad body, action inconvenient, not going anywhere.. The money saved to old-age, such as the results of the kids grow up, to study abroad to entrepreneurship, business, want to spend money to marry his wife, their pensions were leaving.

When they have sufficient capacity to be good to yourself, do it immediately, the elderly sometimes is unable to do middle aged or young people can do, age and health is a major factor.

Kids grew up going to tell him, to keep you in high school, University after getting on my own, to study, Entrepreneurship, to marry his wife, figured it out for yourself, yourself to stay one more money, don't want the kids to live for.

We are all getting old too fast, but smart too late. Friends last year, divorced this sudden accident, I found it difficult to accept, but the arrival of death, but always be the case. My friend said, his wife the most hope he send flowers to her, but he thinks he's too waste, total push said to wait until the next time you get results, but after she died, decorated with fresh flowers her soul church. It's not too stupid?

Wait...... Wait...... , we all seem to be the life, spent waiting.
" wait until after I graduated from college, I'll be how......" I said our own.
" wait until after I buy a house!"......
" wait for the youngest child after the wedding!"......
" I bargained after this business!"......
" wait until after I'm dead!"......

Everyone are willing to sacrifice the moment, go to the exchange for unknown waiting; sacrifice life present and hard money, go to the purchase of the generations of the ambiance.

Many people think, must wait until sometime after the completion or something, and then take action. Tomorrow, I'll start the campaign; tomorrow I'll be good to him a little bit; next week we're looking for, however, life always changes, environmental always unpredictable, in reality, a variety of unexpected situation always abound. So, how are we going to face life? We need not wait till life flawless, also need not wait until everything is smooth, what do you want to do, now we can start.

A person will never predict the future, so don't delay thought about life, don't hesitate to express their hearts in the words of life, because only in a moment. Time to go for a walk; post-retirement, we are going to enjoy it.

Remember, don't let yourself companion of "too late" free of hate. The dead will not chase, epic is uncertain, the most precious, most in real-time "available" in the moment, often in both passing day, all of a sudden missed. Life is short, unpredictable, I have one little poem so write: High days and where people live, calmly; please where to go, all of a sudden that much longer. It is the road to the best of my life, such as sending quickly fleeting alarm.

There are many things in you, don't know how to cherish life, has been before; there are many people, you're also late in the heart, before the old people have become. Regret a thing happen again, but never regret chasing after " knew how to how to " is useless," At that time " has been in the past, you read it after people have left you.

Sentence said Sweden motto :" We're getting old too fast, but smart too late." No matter whether you are aware, life has been in the forward.

Life does not return tickets on sale, the lost will never be. Will hopes "wait until the convenient time to enjoy", we don't know how many were lost possible happiness!


  1. CW,

    Chill. Written by the "save more" camp.

    I have a retired sales colleague in his 60s who came back to work on the selling floor like me.

    He works so he can travel every 3 months. Earn more so he don't have to touch his retirement funds ;)

    And during my hostel stays, I've met grasshoppers in their late 20s and 30s (the peter pans of the world) who work 6 months at entry level jobs like waiters, dish washers, fruit pickers, etc; so they can travel for the other 6 months.

    What career planning? What financial planning?

    We all have our own priorities in life ;)


  2. I agree on the why complain when you ask for it part.


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