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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

STI History Since 1990 Major Data Points : Bare All For You To See Closely! (2)

 Read? STI History Since 1990 Major Data Points : Bare All For You To See Closely!

Now, the chart has been improved with color coding band in Blue, Orange, Yellow and Red; you should be able to recognize the FOUR re-bouncing bands of STI's past corrections and Bear markets.

Is today STI bouncing off the Blue band or Dead Cat re-bounces and then drops further to test the Orange band?

Who want to bet?



  1. When you live (buy) through all the colours, then at RED you will more or less run out of bullets.
    If you still have substantial reserves, (i salute you) but you will most probably psychologically chickened out by now.
    That was what happened to me in 2008 till 2009 March.

    So when shall i start buying , this time?
    Repeat history so that at least the not so pretty to prettiest girls at least will stay with me.
    Or chasing like mad after all the prettiest girls gone already.
    You know prettiest girls chopped by people very fast one.
    Before you know it, all of them are gone.
    Ha! Ha!
    The race begins now or later?
    Everyone will have to decide (for himself) for better or for worse.
    We know SMOL's decision.
    He has said so.
    As a matter of fact, i think whatever you decide is not the most important.
    The most important is you can make money with whatever you decide.
    So choose your favourite counters carefully that can make money one.

    1. temperament,

      No need go to red. Just touch yellow some would have capitulated and chicken out...

      If it touches red, even for us "veterans", our hearts will beat a lot faster!!!

      In the event my core holdings suspend their dividends to preserve cash, I'll may need to convert to a full time job :(

      Not exactly great timing competing with retrenched competitors with unbroken working history...

  2. No lah!
    You still have trading for at least kopi money right?
    i have none (no good at trading - too hectic & too fast for me - must stand behind MAC's counter than).

  3. how to read the % vs STI history high? or is it accumulative % drop?

  4. % drop is the measure of degree of drop at every market turning from the end of bull peak (highest point) to bear bottom (lowest point) since 1990

    You can study the STI index in the table image. All other graphs are just visual presentation to highlight the details

  5. the down days and drop % need to read side by side to see the rate of drop.
    -17% within 86 days.....-20% 87days........Orange is below 2500. hope to see orange in CNY.

  6. sgx fish is a serious fish who will verify. :-)

    So every x months, one new and serious open reader/silent reader will appear. LOL!

  7. oh please please, someone bet on it. but bet small hor.

    the more they bet and fail, the faster the bottom will come.


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