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Thursday, 15 October 2015

How to become rich in stocks??? (28)

Read? How to become rich in stocks??? (27)

After 15+ years of trying to become rich from the stock market and the truth is right in front of Uncle8888 everyday when he looked at this updated Pie chart!

It is easier to become rich from his human asset by saving but supplement by his investment return!

But, the truth for most of us is one day, our human asset will yield no return so we really have NO other choice but to depend on our financial assets to build sustainable retirement income for life. 

Like it or not, it is still better to invest and to become really good retail investor. 

But, his Kung Fu in the stock market is not cheem enough. Sianz!


  1. Hi uncle
    U rich enough liao lar. Just that maybe u want a little bit more...n maybe leave recurring income for your loved ones.

    1. Leave recurring to my spouse who don't bother with investing. Bo pian. She is the one truly on passive income. See what SMOL will say?

    2. CW,

      You good man!

      Now that's sending Buddha all the way to the West!

      Many just buy life insurance and if they went to sell salted eggs; just dump a large sum of money to their love ones - as if they somehow magically will know how to SECURE passive income flows for themselves...

      I would prefer rental properties as bequeath. Its intuitively easier to grasp for bei kambing (white sheep).

      For equities, you may need to leave some "standing instructions":

      1) Explain whether to accept dividends in cash or scrips when offered;

      2) how bonus issues affect share prices so your love ones don't get heart attacks with the price plunge ex--bonus;

      3) and more importantly, know the differences between renounceable and non-renounceable rights offers!!! When to subscribe and when to run for the hills!

      Good luck explaining!

      That's why the savvy wolves can arbitrage against bei kambing during Rights Offers ;)

      Yup, its definitely passive income from MY perspective if you gift your recurring income to your wife.

      Somehow, I have a feeling your wife may disagree...

      She'll count all those years married to you, help you bear children, do the housework, take care of you... She'll probably sneer at me, "Passive your head!"


    3. By default, I think most older folks above 55 can leave behind their HDB flat. :-)

  2. Ya lol!
    i have journeyed for 27 years and you only 15 years right?
    And i started as DINK and no debt, you started as Lone Ranger with wife as home minister + 3 kids
    You definitely have done so much better than most of us.
    Definitely better than me.

    i have given my respects to you in the past.
    After i know you have the "Dreaded BIG C" my respect for you is even more or higher.
    Lesser mortal may have given up lah.
    Please carry on as much as possible and don't care about comparisons (goals) too much.
    Too much may get you depress of course.

    i don't care too much lah.
    i just take what or do what i think is appropriate or suitable for me.
    Pardon me if i sound arrogant!

    1. No matter how. Our life must go on and have faith and courage to move on.

  3. Uncle
    What is your kongfu.
    You haven teach me yet

    1. Go and clean those dirty coffee tables on the right of this blog.

  4. Aiyoyo!
    i already keep on playing the same record for so long only may be in slightly different forms.
    But i believe you can read 101 investment books or listen 101 Gurus here or anywhere, you just have to find what is suitable for yourself lol.
    Every one of us is same, same but also unique in our own ways.
    If you can not find yourself in the market after sometime, it means you better take a taxi home.
    Don't linger too long alone, you may really get lost.
    Use a taxi lol (index or ETF investing ?).

    1. Ha! Ha!
      Not to bluff you, NO HC liu, i am thinking maybe i should start to take some taxi trips home too.

    2. Or pay some course fees to listen to "Gurus". LOL!

  5. CW8888 : Just drop by to say hello! Like your richness in sharing... ;-)


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