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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Passive Investing in STI ETF. No lose money over inflation???

Just For Thinking ..

Passive Investing in STI ETF. No lose money over inflation???

Let us forget about academic study on index investing using cost averaging method and get real.

Real people. Real retail investors.

Calling for old timers in index investing who have went through few market cycles i.e. at least investing for the last 15 years to share their thoughts.


Passive Investing in STI ETF.

No lose money over inflation???


  1. CW,

    You can ask the same for investors who bought the S&P or Nikkie ETFs over the last decade and the answers will be similar ;)

    The best selling proposition as a salesman myself is to sell into my clients that they must patiently wait 30 years see the fruits of their "investment". 10 years is too short a time-frame. Must think long term... And use 2009 as index 100 in my promotional materials ;)

    In 30 years time, I may no longer be around, never mind whether I will still be in the same job to service customers' complaints or legal suits!

    Bond investors demand higher yields the longer the time duration to compensate against greater risks. Mention long term to retail investors? It becomes more predictable and safer?

    Maybe there is some truth that bond investors are smarter than equities investors?


    (I not so smart; just gave myself a slap...)

    1. Bond investors are mostly from instituitions and accredited investors. Right?

    2. Bingo!

      The entry barriers to bonds market are higher.

      Not just institutions and accredited investors, you are playing against the sovereigns (and recently the central bankers too).

      And which financial market have investors with the ability to serve as a restraint on the government's ability to over-spend and over-borrow? The bond vigilantes!

      Talk about bringing a tooth-pick to a gun fight...



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