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Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Story Of The Duck - Nice time for re-posting!

Uncle8888 was reading somewhere in the Cyber World some people complaining about their Market Maker!

Probably, it is nice time to do a re-posting of a story in 2009.

Read? The Story Of The Duck


The Market Makers play the role of the Bankers and especially true for markets such as covered warrants and retail forex.

The market sharks are also waiting at major technical charting points, turning points or levels and they have all the resources and expertise to know the charts better than anyone here and we are so naive to think that we can beat the market sharks at their game. So just open your eyes wide and understand why sometime market moves unexpectedly in the opposite direction - The Sharks are in Action!


  1. CW,

    I read that post too. Was a bit surprised that someone who has been trading for sometime and in the business of advising others didn't know otherwise?

    Exchange traded and OTC trading are same same but different!

    I guess he is too young to have known "bucket shops" in the past.

    Or maybe it's a very crafty advertorial to promote the services of one local brokerage...

    Either way, my trust index went down when he promoted a passive idiot proof portfolio while he himself practices active portfolio management...

    1. Whatever we have been reading in the Cyber World we must always remember this.

      Some are paid to talk, preach, promote or advertise. Unlikely, people are paid by others to do some something with their own money

      So it is better for us to watch closely, safe guard ourselves, and try to recall as much as possible on what they actually to do with their own money.

      Judge from their actions and not their words!


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